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TimeTypical Daily Schedule (department of pre-school and kindergarten)
08:00-09:00Free play (painting, plasticine, puzzles, constructions).
Children are free to engage in any activity of their choice.
Children enjoy their breakfast with their friends
09:30-10:30Circle – Conversation – Songs
Lesson time. We listen and learn from our teacher. Everyone expresses his/her opinion and we enrich our knowledge. Everybody loves songs.
We become familiar with new materials. We learn to paint, cut and write.
Every day the garden is waiting for us for new adventures and games.
12:30-13:30English lesson (Greek lesson for the English team)
13:30-14:00Lunch – Departure
Those who leave early go home, while the rest of the children enjoy lunch with their friends.
14:00-15:00Free play – Selection courses
Children choose various lessons (such as English lessons, computer, dance, music, swimming in the pool or football.