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Objectives of The School

Our main goal is to make pre-school education creative because pre-school age is a period of preparation and organization of specific functions so that the child can:

  • Structure and organize his/her thought, body and language
  • Be creative in the natural and social environment
  • Activate and utilize his/her individual activities

Educational Goals

We assume that the child learns better when the learning objects are related to his/her interests, needs and abilities.

The child understands and consolidates concepts through experiences rather than individual activities.

We follow an evolutionary course of learning, which forms the basis for the subsequent development of the child, through the following:

  • Game: The child is happy to play. The child plays with all his/her senses, discovers them, tries them and develops them. This way, the child acquires experiences that, when repeated and assimilated, become known.
  • Body Development: The child needs to be helped to gain consciousness of his/her body. With exercise games, the child recognizes all parts of his/her body and learns to use them correctly (either individually or at the same time) indoors or outdoors.
  • Speech: While the child discovers his/her body and senses, it also learns words that refer to them and slowly manages to handle speech, which translates thoughts and feelings. The rich vocabulary needs to be the purpose of family and school. Media that help the child’s development are fairytale, singing, talk, puppet theater and dramatization.
  • Creative Development: We focus on developing children’s imagination and the ability to communicate and express ideas and feelings in creative ways through: Crafts, construction, painting, culinary, gardening.
    At this age, the child’s knowledge is not divided into different sections but interrelated, that is, when a child cooks, he/she can learn about science, math, hygiene, and how to collaborate and share at the same time.
  • Emotional Development: Emotional intelligence is self-control, zeal, persistence and the ability to find motivation for oneself so that he/she can use his mental potential.
    Our goal is to help children learn to:
    A) understand their feelings
    B) try to control them
    C) Be able to communicate, solve their differences and co-operate.   
  • Knowledge and understading of the word: The visits we pay to museums, theaters, cinema and excursions offer geometric, historical and artistic knowledge through which the child understands the world around him/her.