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Help the Children

Parents can help children instantly and practically through their daily lives by doing the following simple things:

  • To express  themeselves their own feeling, desires and ideas through oral speech and to listen to their children’s children. So there is a positive communication channel without voices, faces and threats.
  • Everyday they read a small book to their children, stressing that this is something they can do in the same time.
  • Letting their children have small responsibilities in the home in relation to their own things and to themselves (to eat alone, to dress and even to swim).
  • Trying to find their child in an “unknown” space, leaving it at the same time, while exploring and discovering things on its own (in the park, in the museum, in the theater, etc.).
  • To talk to the school in positive words and not to terrorize it, to talk about their own experiences at the age, to visit the new school with the child, to know if it is possible for his teacher or his teacher.
  • To believe in their child that they can really do it (and are sure to do it – depends on parents’ anxiety) to tell him and show him their love and admission.

  • Be possitive about the teacher who will take over their child and show confidance ( each teacher always has somthing possitive even if we can not distinguish it).
  • The sharing of responsibility between parents for the obligations of the school is a positive image for both their child and the teacher. The child feels satisfied and important when his father and his school are involved.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for the advice of a specialist -psychologist- (all schools have) when something is worrying about our child’s behavior or learning process.