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From Kindergarten to Elementary School

What we need first to know is what objectively can children do in infancy (5 to 6 years old).

  • They can gradually know and control their body, form a possitive image of themselves, recognize their leaf acquire basic habits of hygiene and good physical condition.
  • They can observe and explore the immediate environment in a way that moves and develops their curiosity and attention.
  • They can get to know some cultural events of their environment, showing respect, interest and participation in them (religious and national holidays).
  • Conduct their usual activities in a more autonomous way by gradually acquiring emotional and emotional security, and developing their own initiative and self-confidence skills.

  • They can use the spoken word, express their opinions, their feelings and their desires.
  • They can have the meaning of numbers from 1 to 10, understand the difference between numbers and letters, classify objects, classify and understand concepts.
  • They are interested in music, painting, crafts, dance, theater, singing, which are the means of learning a lot of things and exercising their skills.
  • They can play with the Symbolic game what they have experienced, known or imagined.

The work in the kindergarten is done on these Main Branches, as is also provided by the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. If all of the above have been properly and carefully worked in kindergarten, the child is ready to meet the requirements of the first elementary school. But how can parents also help children immediately and practically through their everyday lives? They can help by doing some simple things.

Finally, starting with the first elementary school, we can spend some time daily indicating to our child the process, the way he has to organize his work and do his lessons. We do not need to be with him next to him during the reading, just to know that when we need it we can help. While starting up in the elementary school, it looks like something impossible, our child will prove to us that he can do it well, that he is certainly smarter than us and that he deserves to trust and love it.